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Audi Check Engine Light

If your Check Engine Light is illuminated we recommend taking action.

While your German vehicle is built for performance and reliability, it is not uncommon for issues to arise from frequently driving your vehicle. 

Your check engine light is the first signal for you to assess your vehicle’s condition and get assistance at your earliest convenience.

Check your instruments, look, listen and smell to see if there is anything out of the norm and take note of what you observe.

A check engine light does not always mean there is a costly repair ahead, but you should heed the warning and bring your vehicle into our shop as soon as possible.

AUDI Check Engine Light

Audi Check Engine Light Diagnosing Experts

We have the best technology available to read codes and the team with over 25 years combined experience to diagnose any check engine light issues that you may have.

We use factory-level diagnostic equipment to identify what your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system is displaying. 

These codes are sometimes cryptic in older vehicles while newer cars can pinpoint much better the specific issue. 

Using the best tools available, we are able to quickly diagnose the issue and solve the problem. 

Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is Coming On Your Audi Dashboard

Obviously, on a high performance machine like your Audi, there are many reasons why your check engine light could be activated. Common issues could include:

Powertrain, Engine or Transmission and related components, faulty wires, loose hose connection, worn spark plugs, catalytic converter issues, mass airflow sensors and many more.

We recommend seeking assistance from our technicians as soon as possible to avoid any catastrophic damage or engine failure.

What to Expect When We Inspect Your Check Engine Light Issue

When you bring your Audi to our bespoke shop, our certified technicians will inspect your vehicle and diagnose your check engine light issues and provide a detailed assessment of your vehicle. 

Get ready for the very best bespoke automotive shop experience

We are a small team of car lovers and certified technicians
with over 25 years combined experience.


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