Who is Apex Euro?

Apex Euro is a team of friends who are passionate about cars, people and doing things the right way.

The Apex Euro team formed a friendship through a shared love of cars.

You might call us car nuts. As kids we had posters of Lamborghinis on our walls and an unmatched collection of hot wheels, and we’ve all made irresponsible car-buying decisions. And we would do it again.

We grew up around cars, with family and friends who were excellent mechanics (it must be a gene).

We like lots of cars, but especially German cars as they are engineered as only the Germans can for the ultimate combination of performance and luxury.

We’re okay with doing the extra work of keeping a German car maintained properly, because we’re excellent mechanics and if you own a fine machine you take care of it.

If we had the money and parking space (and our partners were okay with it, which they’re not) we’d own garages full of German cars from every era and of every kind.

We met at car meets and formed friendships through sharing our own cool rides, appreciating others’ cool rides and helping each other with fixing and upgrading them.

We want to get to know you and your passions and greet you by name when you come in for regular maintenance.

We want to take care of your cars for decades to come. And then we want to take care of your kids’ cars.

Our Passion

We like cars, but we’re also people persons.

We like the fellowship and community that comes with shared passions.

Our parents taught us to treat others with respect and fairness to a generous extent.

Always do the right thing in your dealings with others (a certain Jesus had something to say about that), simply because it’s the right thing to do.

We’ve worked for other Euro shops and have seen how they do things. And we want to do better.

The Vision

We designed Apex Euro while standing in parking lots at car meets and while eating pizza together.

Our vision was to create a better Euro shop, by putting customers first, being employee-focused and by building community.

Putting customers first seems obvious, but that seems to get lost at other shops when the focus becomes simply making money.

Our recipe is to charge a fair price for excellent service, do what we promise and when we promise it, stand behind our work no matter the cost, and leave no customer without complete satisfaction.

To do that we need a team of like-minded individuals who share the same passions for cars, people and doing things the right way, and that means our team is comprised only of family and friends – people we know and about whom we can say: “that person shares our vision”.

We want our team members not just to work together, but with our families to enjoy meals and activities together and to hang out at the shop after hours. And then we need to treat our team members like our most valuable resource (which they are).

That means compensating generously, spending the money to have a clean, spacious and well-designed shop that allows the mechanic to do their best work with minimal frustrations due to cramped or dirty or inefficient conditions.

And that also means spending the money on tools. Lots of tools.

German cars are expensive to work on because they are engineered for the absolute best performance and luxury, and not necessarily to be easiest to work on.

You might fix your Honda (excellent cars, by the way) in your home garage with basic tools, but that’s not happening on your fine German automobile.

You need specialty tools, expensive scanners to talk to complex automotive systems (those Germans are amazing engineers), and the best car lifts and shop infrastructure.

The Mission

We’ve assembled the best team and we’ve built a special shop. 

And now we’re ready to work on your car. But that’s not where it ends. 

We don’t just want customers, we want new friends whom we have relationships with. 

We want to get to know you and share your passions. 

We want to greet you by name when you come in for regular maintenance. 

We want to take care of your cars for decades to come. 

And then we want to take care of your kids’ and friends’ cars. 

We want you to be part of our community.

Get ready for the very best bespoke automotive shop experience

We are a small team of car lovers and certified technicians
with over 25 years combined experience.


5185 Shiloh Rd
Cumming, GA 30040

Our Hours

Monday – Friday – 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday – Appointment Only
Sunday – Closed

Contact Us

Phone: 404-809-4885
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