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Brake Service for Audi Performance Vehicles

You love your Audi because you appreciate impressive performance.

We understand that optimal performance relies on the how well you take care of your vehicle.

Your Audi’s brakes will wear down over time and require precision servicing in order to maintain peak performance and keep you safely behind the wheel of your car.

Properly maintaining and servicing your vehicle’s brake system is the best way to ensure your brakes work properly when you need them to.

Audi Brake Fluid Flush

Aside from normal wear on the brake system and brake pads, the quality of your brake fluid is important to maintain.

The brake fluid needs to be flushed to remove any contaminants that buildup.

The brake fluid requires replacement since it will break down over time and degrade overall performance.

It is common to perform a brake fluid flush when replacing your brake pads.

AUDI Brake Fluid Flush

Replacing Audi Brake Rotors and Calipers

Rotors receive intense heat stress when you apply pressure to your brake pedal. They are made to dissipate heat quickly but heavy use can cause them to warp under the high level of heat.

Calipers act as strong clamps act apply hydraulic pressure to the brake pad.

The calipers also receive tremendous heat when applying pressure and the constant heating up and cooling can cause external and internal corrosion.

Over time the corrosion can cause the calipers to become sticky, which can cause premature wear on the brake pads or pulling the vehicle to the right or left when the brakes are applied.

Replacing AUDI Brake Rotors and Calipers

What to Expect When We Service Your Audi Brake System

When you bring your Audi to our bespoke shop, our certified technicians will Inspect your brakes.

The inspection includes brake pads, rotors and calipers for wear or damage and for any strange smells or sounds or feelings when engaging the brakes.

We use only OEM parts for the highest quality service and repairs.

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